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‘WhatsOnFlix?’ is a Netflix companion app that answers the age-old question - “What do I watch ... More

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Published 30 Nov 2020

There's little doubt that streaming services have been some of the only success stories during the pandemic given that so many people have been stranded in home isolation on and off for the last few months. Because of its vast catalogue and ease of use, Netflix has probably cemented its place as the leader in the field. However, considering that It is pretty much the gold standard of tv and movie streaming services I'm surprised that there's a necessity for an app like this one...but clearly, there is. WhatsOnFlix? Is a new US Netflix companion app for Android and iOS that serves the purpose as a kind of TV guide with plenty of added bonuses to make your Netflix watching even more enjoyable.

So, if Netflix is so good, why do we need this companion app? Well, the obvious answer is "What is there to watch that's good when I've watched 'everything' on offer?" Of course, we haven't seen everything that's good so we might need a little help and that's where this app comes in very handy. For a start, WhatsOnFlix? will let you know all the new stuff that's on offer. Don't they do that themselves, I hear you say? Well, If you scroll through the 'new' Netflix content you'll see a heck of a lot of their own productions which will sit there for ages. This app will show you the really new stuff. However...