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Published 30 Nov 2020

There's little doubt that streaming services have been some of the only success stories during the pandemic given that so many people have been stranded in home isolation on and off for the last few months. Because of its vast catalogue and ease of use, Netflix has probably cemented its place as the leader in the field. However, considering that It is pretty much the gold standard of tv and movie streaming services I'm surprised that there's a necessity for an app like this one...but clearly, there is. WhatsOnFlix? Is a new US Netflix companion app for Android and iOS that serves the purpose as a kind of TV guide with plenty of added bonuses to make your Netflix watching even more enjoyable.

So, if Netflix is so good, why do we need this companion app? Well, the obvious answer is "What is there to watch that's good when I've watched 'everything' on offer?" Of course, we haven't seen everything that's good so we might need a little help and that's where this app comes in very handy. For a start, WhatsOnFlix? will let you know all the new stuff that's on offer. Don't they do that themselves, I hear you say? Well, If you scroll through the 'new' Netflix content you'll see a heck of a lot of their own productions which will sit there for ages. This app will show you the really new stuff. However, just as importantly, it will tell you the shows and movies that have run their course and are about to be taken off soon. For some obscure reason, Netflix doesn't advertise that themselves. 

Then we move on to the 'added bonuses.' WhatsOnFlix? has an enhanced search feature that utilizes a full-text search engine for exact matches. Now you'll be able to search and find the exact name of shows as well as actors and directors. When you combine it with the filters available it turns into a virtual Leonard Maltin's movie guide. The advanced filters give you the chance to search multiple genres together as well as linking to IMDb ratings, trailers, languages and a whole heap more. When you combine these features with the search engine you'll be able to find any show that you like. 

The link up with IMDb is particularly interesting because it is regarded as the long-time doyen of movie knowledge. As well as the titles, stars and directors, IMDb provides the most trusted in-depth summaries of films as well as a guide to how well they've been rated by critics and the general public. It will give you better insight as to whether a show or movie will appeal to you. WhatsOnFlix? gives you much more detailed information on the series you are interesting in watching including much better series and episode summaries so you'll have a more informative idea of a series before you commit to it. You also have the option of setting up a watchlist and can even be notified when new episodes of your favorites are available to watch or are ending soon so you never miss a thing. 

WhatsOnFlix? really is the ultimate US Netflix companion app that's as essential as the TV Guide for the avid Netflix watcher. It provides everything and more to enhance your viewing pleasure. It's a simple-to-use personal streaming guide that's very easy to navigate and ensures that you'll never miss an episode of your favorite shows ever again. As I mentioned earlier, I'm surprised that Netflix hasn't incorporated many of the features available here into their own service because, given the amount of product that they have available, it tends to involve a heck of a lot of scrolling if you aren't sure what you are looking for. WhatsOnFlix? gives you an up-to-date overview at a glance. You can download it from free for iPhone, iPad or Android right now from the relevant app store. 

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