Developer description

Wheel of Popups is the best exit-intent popup for websites, with an average ~14% increase in sales within 6 months of usage across 15,000+ websites.

The popup works by showing a Fortune Wheel to website visitors, which they can spin to earn a small discount code, in return a visitor must leave their email address and consent to receive future email marketing from the company.

Because we introduced a gamification aspect to popups, visitors are much more likely to leave their email address and spin the wheel to earn a prize discount.

You as a website owner can set the discount landing probabilities so that you can control the winning odds and the discounts to give away to winners.

It features exit-intent popup technology to appear milliseconds before a user leaves your website, converting them from abandoned visitor to buyer.

Wheel of Popups is 100% GDPR and ePrivacy compliant website popup for collecting email addresses in 2018.

Last updated 12 Jul 2018

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