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Welcome to Wheelz! Rent cars by the hour or day from people in your campus network. Or, share ... More

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Published 20 Oct 2011

Whether it's your social conscience or your bank balance you have to think twice about owning a car in these turbulent times. You might consider it a bit socially irresponsible to drive the gas-guzzler to campus every day. It's not easy to park it either is it? Or maybe it's the money side that's getting to you and it's getting harder to fill the tank. Well that's where Wheelz comes in. This  is a car share tool where you can rent cars by the hour or day from the other members of the campus that DID buy a car but dont want to leave it just sitting around on campus all day.
With Wheelz you can rent cars by the hour or day from people in your campus network or share your car with your fellow students and earn some cold hard cash. Wheelz is the first car sharing platform designed specifically to meet the needs of campus communities by connecting students with cars to students who need them. Insurance is all taken care of as is 24 hour roadside assistance just in case anything goes wrong.the range of cars available is countless and you can even choose between the mini or the mustang if that's what you are looking for. Customers just sign in, book their car and it all happens in minutes. Wheelz is a free tool that offers instant sign up and easy set up and delivers...