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When.me is a new Social-Local-Mobile App that lets you and your friends track each others' ... More

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Published 30 Aug 2012

when.me is a schedule and reminder application for mobile that will ensure that you and your friends will never forget an event again, that's for sure. So why is it different to all the other scheduling apps available? Well, when.me adds a social element to proceedings and can even use Facebook and Twitter to give you a constant reminder of events you might want to get involved in with your friends. You can track your friends' future plans and add photos (before and after the event, if you like.) In reality, when.me acts as a virtual calendar where you can plan events in the future, invite your friends to come with you and keep them up to scratch via the app, social networks or messaged through their iPhone.
When.me is what could be called a social-local-mobile app that lets you and your friends track each others' future plans - and get involved if you want to. Just plug in the future plans and events you'd like to make public and your when.me friends can join you and its easy to add photos before, during or after the event. Friends not yet signed up can be notified of events through their Facebook and Twitter accounts and you can even get event reminders sent to you and your friends' iPhones. The when.me network serves as an interactive event calendar allowing you to plan events while bringing your friends along for the ride. Alternatively, use...