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Published 30 Aug 2012

[cont'd] it as a motivational app to keep people up to date with your goals and when you plan to accomplish certain objectives. You can choose to make a goal or event public or private, selecting who can see which of your plans. If your plan is to go bike riding tomorrow at 4, you can make your event private and go alone, or make it public so that fellow bike riding enthusiast friends can possibly join you. Once you create an event, you and your chosen viewers will be able to watch a running clock that counts down until the event occurs. You can then check back and see how much time you have left until your exciting event, no matter whether it happens later today, in two weeks or in fifteen years.
Where when.me succeeds over other similar schedule apps could ironically be the very same thing that turns people off it. The countdown! While it is probably pretty useful to have a running countdown of how long it is to an event coming at you at all directions I can think of a number of friends who would be driven insane by the constant reminders. when.me makes it easy to list your upcoming events in a simple and easy to use layout and makes it simple for friends to join in. There's even a contest element where you can gain points in a fun leader board style social competition.