Developer description

The main goal of the WhichAirline-project was to eliminate the deficiencies bedevilling standard search engines for air travel. Such deficiencies are a heavily text-based layout and chaotic partly overlapping search results. Our answer is twofold - Quality Line and visualisation of data. The first-mentioned divides search results into the good ones and all the rest that is not displayed by default but can be browsed. The underlying criterion is a ratio of trip duration and price. As for visualisation, WhichAirline presents as much data in graphical form as possible. All this means that what our users see on the screen is a neat presentation of relevant results allowing them to can make the right decision in no time. WhichAirline achieves simplicity and clarity even though the scope of search is very wide – it searches for flights among more than 100.000 routes all over the world and included all popular low-cost airlines.

In addition, the website allows one to browse airline and airport database and offers hotel and car hire search. To wrap it up, it offers a comprehensive help for all travellers using the internet.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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