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Does technology not always make your life easier?
Forget written instructions and the time consuming frustration of getting a new product set up and working.
WhizBang will get your new products working easy & fast with the help of video tutorials. Forget reading instructions, just scan the bar code of your product & we'll find you a quality video to help you setup, install or assemble your new product.

WhizBang can help you with products such as consumer electronics, toys, kitchen appliances, DIY furniture, sporting and outdoor equipment etc.
We have a library of over 2000 videos and growing daily.

Whizbang will also:
*provide you with direct assistance to any problem you have with your product,
*allow you to download manuals & software for your product,
*give feedback on the product for the manufacturer (coming soon),
*upload your receipts and warranties to keep in a safe place,
*share your user experience with family & friends on social media.

Best of all, Whizbang is completely free!

You can also win prizes and make money by making your own video guides and submitting them to Whizbang.

Don't do it the hard way! With WhizBang, you'll have products up and running in a whiz!

Last updated 2 Mar 2017

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