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Published 16 Feb 2014

[cont'd] on your iDevice. You can remix your work as 'hi-fi' or 'low-fi' - depending on your style. Then submit it to the artist through the app and you could benefit monetarily from the outcome. Alternatively, you can submit your own song, set the price of admission for contributors and even set the royalties for the finished product. If others like your work, they will pay to 'sit-in' and play drums, keyboards, guitar or vocals etc on your track. You can then view and listen to any number of versions of your song played with a variety of musicians.
A track placed in the hands of fellow collaborators around the planet is never really finished. It keeps growing and changing in an environment where expertise, imagination and entertainment share equal billing. WholeWorldBand offers you the chance to work with fellow musicians –many you have never met and some possibly very famous: Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones had submitted a song when I looked - and enables artists to earn money by recording their own music or adding their special talents to someone else’s vision. Quite simply, WholeWorldBand is a true musical democracy, where you get the chance to rub shoulders with some amazing musicians and enhance their track with your emerging and undiscovered talent.