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A photo sharing social network that can localize your posts

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We have made an Image/Photo based app to reach out to all people NEARBY within 1km-100km and to ... More

Editor's review

Published 12 Apr 2016

When the whole social network thing started in earnest many years ago, the whole idea was based on the concept of spreading your news and stories far and wide. The trend recently, however, has tended to make them more targeted to the specific people that you want to reach. Whooopla is a new social photo app for web, iOS and Android that refines that theory by letting you choose the destination of your posts. Rather than blindly sending posts out into the stratosphere for all to see, this social network gives both posters and receivers a plethora of options.

Whooopla allows you to choose specific destinations for your posts - letting you target friends and family as well as acquaintances who might live near to you. You can choose to reach out to people who live within 1km and 100km of your location or, if your post is clever and eye opening and has the possibility of going viral, to everyone around the world - it's your choice. There are four categories you can post in - 'public,' 'friends,' ' target' and 'nearby.' There are four tabs that display the different categories of posts. The 'feed' tab shows your own posts, the posts shared by your friends in the 'public' category or posts where you have been targeted by a user. The 'popular' tab shows posts shared in the 'public' category that have become popular by virtue of increased activity in terms of likes, compassions or comments. The 'latest' tab shows posts that are posted by a user in the 'public' category for all to see, share, enjoy and comment and the 'nearby' tab shows posts that are posted by a user to other users near them.

One thing the major social networks have not really addressed is that some posts appeal to a local audience and some to a global one. Whooopla is an image and photo app that takes advantage of that. On the one hand, you can choose to share your thoughts and ideas, selfies, holiday photos and personal experiences with friends and family who live nearby while, on the other hand, you can post to strangers or anyone else around the world. Alternatively, you can filter your posts to people - based on their interests or their occupation - giving you far more flexibility than a regular social network.

Whooopla lets you share everything from feelings, emotions, status updates and humor with friends, family, acquaintances and people near you as well as the whole world using images and photos - and all with one post. Posts can be targeted according to demographics including occupations and interests or just to the people near you. The receiver gets all the same options so they can see the latest postings around the world, the trending posts or just the posts which are made near them.

On first viewing, Whooopla made me wonder why we would need yet another photo sharing social network but, after a closer look, I can see its charm and usefulness. For a start, it's way more flexible than similar apps with plenty of room for customization. I mean, people on the other side of the world probably aren't interested in your holiday snaps or selfies of you with the PM but they might be interested in an amazing shot of a freak weather condition. Equally, your amazing set of architectural photos might only appeal to architectural students whether they are in London, England or London in Kentucky. The app itself is easy to use and looks good on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with its orange screen and snappy, easy to navigate interface. Can Whooopla become the next social photo-sharing network to take off? I don't see why not.

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