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Get rid of anger issues and real life problems in a fun,unique and easy way on ... More

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Published 8 Jun 2013

Anger is such a pointless emotion really, isn't it? It rarely solves anything and we generally end up as being the main one that gets hurt in the process. So how can we solve some of the problems that crop up? Well, an app like WhyMeAngry aims to try to rid the world of anger issues by solving real-life problems in a fun and entertaining way by connecting you with people around the world who could have an answer to your problems.
WhyMeAngry aims to get rid of anger issues and real life problems in a fun,unique and easy way by connecting people from all over the world to get their problems solved. It is a platform built to wash out daily real life problems and to make the world a happier place to live in. People post their problems in an anonymous comic name and detail the problems that they have faced, are facing or fearing that it might happen. In reply they can then get great solutions to those problems. The solutions can be easy hints or full solutions from experiences or imaginations. When you use the advance search it enables anyone to search directly about any problem related to relationship, work, places such as cities and countries or health problems of any sort. You can even check for answers to financial problems and corruption and see that you are not the only one who has faced the problem before and get some really good...