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Get social to solve your anger problems

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Published 8 Jun 2013

[cont'd] solutions then and there. You can search an organisation name or a place name and find out exactly the local issues that make people angry. The Beautiful Anger meter tells the world just how angry you are and other users will suggest to you how angry you should have been. Connect and follow people to help them instantly whenever they are angry and help them to become less angry and, god forbid, even happier than you already are.  Every activity on WhyMeAngry earn you tomatoes and you can use them to earn rewards, recognition and certificates for your good work.
WhyMeAngry gives you the chance to become 'The Really Good Person' by solving your anger issues with the aid of a bit of advice and by helping out others when they need it. This fun and entertaining social problem solving app for Chrome has a philanthropic side and works on the theory that if the world comes together to solve its problems then there won't be anything to worry about. I'm not so sure that this app is going to solve all the worlds problems just yet but one has to applaud it for trying. The fact is, it's an easy to use and fun way to go about trying. It connects people all over the world to get their problems solved with creative, funny, out-of-the-box, easy, simple, rocking and awesome solutions to their botherations, challenges, disputes, doubts and obstacles that they are...