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Published 29 Aug 2015

I guess that, if you had to nail Why.Not? down, you could call it spam in reverse. But there's a big difference between this new social networking app for Android and old school information sharing. Here, you have total control over the content and information that you access and interacting with. Why.Not? let's us see all the interesting events and people that surround us but gives you the opportunity to see them on our terms and under our control. What's more, you can deal with your interactions immediately because they are only visible for one day. Unless you want to make contact and share details , everything disappears into cyberspace forever at midnight and tomorrow you can start all over again.

Why.Not? is a simple but very powerful app that could change the way that we react and interact with the things that interest us. It gives us the chance to see all the events, the fascinating people and the public announcements without ever having to be committed to any of them - unless we want to. Just register by email and check one of the choices in the discovery setting within the app. If you see something that stirs your imagination, you can simply drop a Why.Not? to them and let the magic begin. If you wish, you can link up and exchange messages or leave a comment on the page. Why.Not? Is an information source that gives the user a conduit to...