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Published 29 Aug 2015

[cont'd] receive important announcements and sales opportunities. But it's not just another form of advertising and marketing. Why.Not? only delivers on your terms. If you aren't interested in what they have to say (or maybe the person you meet up with is not interesting enough) you can simply ditch them by sending them a Not.Now! rather than a Why.Not? Nobody is any the wiser as to who you are and nobody gets your personal details - unless you want them to know, of course - and everything disappears at midnight. So, where does all this information come from? Well, if you have a business or entertainment event that you need to promote (or maybe a shop sale or a party,) you can simply register your event or enterprise online along with your location, some info about what you do and what you’re offering right now. If a viewer shows interest by sending you a Why.Not? reply, you can schedule messages to them. They might come and visit your online or Main Street store or they may just send you a message on your wall. You’ll know exactly who they are and be able to respond to them by name - making it far more personal than the rather impersonal spam marketing. If they are happy and send you their details it gives you a better opportunity to make contact and sell your services whether it be details of a party or a conference or...