Developer description

On Desktops, Tablets & Smartphones, everything is just one click away. So why on the Web do we solely rely on Search?

Wibki is here to challenge that. Making the Internet more accessible. With so many services & startups out there it’s a shame we need to search over and over again for that intriguing service we came across a few weeks ago. On Wibki, you import your favorites with just one click and instantly get a beautiful visual display of your content. From now on, accessing everything on the Web is easier. The visual display makes browsing more intuitive than trying to remember where you want to go to next.

Furthermore, you can discover lots of new content based on your interests, find out what your friends are doing online by checking out their profiles or simply remember those services you saved a while back.

Wibki is revolutionizing the way we browse.

Last updated 14 Jan 2014