Developer description

Automatically turns on the WiFi in your phone only at places where you need it and keeps it off elsewhere.

You will never forget to turn off your WiFi in your phone when leaving home. You should never worry about your privacy getting compromised because someone hacked your phone through its unnecessarily enabled WiFi. On top of it, you may save some battery life here and there.

WiFi Places has no advertisement and no data collection. Your life, your data, your privacy, your WiFi and your peace of mind. WiFi Places helps to keep it that way.

You can share your WiFi or using the on-board WiFi while traveling on a cruise ship, train, car, or staying in a hotel or attending an event? Cruise Mode is there for you. When you leave the cruise ship or the hotel, this application will turn off your WiFi in your phone when you disconnect from the hot-spot.

My WiFi Places does its job in the most discrete and non-disturbing way and keeps you in charge all the time!

WiFi Places is intended to be almost invisible and will require zero attention once you set up your saved places. The goal is to work for you quietly instead of keeping you busy and occupied with the application, so you can focus on things that are more important to you.

Last updated 30 Jan 2019

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