Developer description

WikiCards is a tool to organize a set of similar data items (cards). It is possible to attach typed fields to each card, which makes the tool quite generic to work as an issue tracker, time tracker, contact & customer database, to-do lists or a recipes library. You can schedule cards with reminders and assign them to project users if needed.
Cards can be grouped, tagged, exported to excel, archived or linked to another project’s card. Projects can be set to private for read and/or write access, if the tool is used in a corporate environment and data needs to be kept private.
The software itself is quite experimental and uses a lot of CSS3 and HTML5 goodies. It supports concurrent editing via websockets, drag & drop of files from your desktop directly into the app and much more. Generally all actions can be applied to a batch of cards, instead of single form editing, which increases daily productivity.
Supported browsers are Chrome 6+, FFX 3.6+, Opera 10.6+ and probably IE9 (not tested).

Last updated 4 Apr 2011