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WikiDo is a local event search engine. Searchers can find nearby concerts, social events, ... More

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Published 20 Dec 2012

I wonder how many of you know what's going on in terms of entertainment in your city tonight. You'll probably think you have a pretty good idea but it's actually fairly difficult to get a grip on the multitude of events that are happening every night in a major city unless you buy an evening newspaper, the local 'whats on' guide and then check a few local Internet sites. Wikido is a very flexible  geolocalization-based entertainment search engine that hunts down all the entertainment in your city from countless websites whether it be a concert, a rodeo or sports event. What's more, the Wiki part means that the information can be added to - making it a somewhat more personal and social experience.
WikiDo is a local event search engine where searchers can find out everything that is happening nearby whether it be a live music concert, an art show, musicals, social events, parades and theater shows or local kids activities and general city nightlife. WikiDo automatically gathers data on hundreds of thousands of events from various websites. Users can then manually add and edit them in true Wiki style. Each listing provides a date, time, place and a detailed description of the event and visitors can simply click on a link to access the promoter's website and learn more. Users may also add their own comments and supply tips to any listing or express their opinions about things like the venue. The website doesn...