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Developer description

“Will Return” Sign Plate Application with the clock function provides three functions: “Current Time,” “Will Return” and “Open.” “Current Time” indicates the current time. The draggable clock hands allow you to customize and set your “Will Return” time (e.g. SNS timeline, lunch time and your business return time) and share the clock image via emails, Tweets, prints and camera rolls. Moreover, you can also use the “Open (in business)” image on the other side of the flappable plate.

- No action: The current time is indicated.
- Drag the clock hands: To set your return time.
- Single tap on the title area of the plate: To share the clock image.
- Double tap on the clock hands or shake the device: To reset the time.
- Double tap on the blue rectangular area on the plate: To flip the plate.
- Single tap on the text clock: To switch between 12- and 24-hour formats."

Last updated 21 Aug 2012