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Published 30 Apr 2012

"Will You Marry Me?" are four simple words that can be the most romantic things we will ever say to our potential spouses. So why do we angst over ways to say them? Because we are humans, I suppose, who want our wedding proposals to be unlike anyone else's and to ensure that those four words will never be forgotten. Some propose way up high in a hot air balloon while others will be at a romantic candlelight dinner in your favorite restaurant. Will You Marry Me? ! Pro is a free social application for iPhone and mobiles in general that gives you thousands of marriage proposal ideas to make this momentous occasion even more memorable.
Proposing to the girl (or guy) that you love and saying the four most important words to the person that we want to spend the rest of our life with is something special. Unless you are planning on a few marriages in your life you really only get one chance to get it right when proposing marriage to your partner. To some people that marriage proposal scenario comes naturally. A romantic dinner at a favorite restaurant - strawberries and cream and champagne - then you drop down on one knee to say those magic words - "Will you marry me?" However, for some people that isn't quite enough and they may want a totally unique proposal experience. Life usually never gives a second chance to do what is right and if we are not careful...