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Developer description

Willy is future-focused app. It's a digital time capsule designed to change the way we communicate. You have seen it in many SF movies. The main character gets a message from the future. Now, with Willy you can send a message that your friends will be able to see not now but in a few minutes, an hour, tomorrow, next friday, next month or next year.
Isn’t it both great and exciting to get a message and have to wait to see it next Friday? You just can’t wait and are counting down the hours and minutes until photo/video becomes available. The sweet game of expectation begins. The more you wait, the more you’re going to enjoy it and remember it longer.  
Facebook is past, Snapchat is now, Willy is future. You can find us here:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

You can read more about us here http://www.thewillyapp.com

Try Willy for a change and send messages available only in future.

The Story of Willy
Willy is all about the future. You choose a moment in the future, a day, a week, of a year from now when your photo or video can be viewed. All other apps are oriented toward your past, or they urge you to consume the content instantly right here and right now. This is a totally different concept that will take the users by storm.
For the first time the app users will have to WAIT. This is a revolutionary concept that will turn the world of apps upside down. You will have to wait for a message to become available. It’s a sweet prize you have intended for your loved ones to get and enjoy. Thanks to Willy your messages aren’t going to be seen and forgotten in a matter of seconds.
Someone has sent you a message by using Willy. You have to wait to open it. The more you wait, the more excited you become about it. This app makes a New Year's countdown to every message you send. Every day is a birthday when you're using Willy. Every message becomes a special one. Your video or photo will get the right kind of attention you have hoped for to receive.
If you want to compare Willy to a time capsule, you aren’t going to make a mistake. This is an ideal digital time capsule you could possibly wish for. Instead of burying it underground, you send this digital time capsule into the future where it belongs. You don’t have to worry that an unwanted pair of eyes will see it. You don’t have to wait for an indefinite period of time for someone to discover it accidentally. Willy puts you in charge of your content the right way.
At first glance making your users wait to open a message looks like a risky move. However, the truth is that this catch will be the main reason for users to stick around and share the content like never before. Willy is reserved for special moments and messages that are true life-changers.
Let Willy send your message to the future and reshape the way you share content. It’s available in App Store. Will you say hello to Willy ?

Last updated 8 Jan 2018

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