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Wine Maps is a simple app for the iPhone and iPad which puts maps of all the world's major wine ... More

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Published 2 Sep 2012

While the world wine market is a little in the doldrums right now it has been suggested that the recent drought conditions in certain parts of the US will produce smaller and tastier grapes. According to the experts, this could lead to a potential great year for American winemakers as the intensity of flavor in the smaller grape is essential to make a better wine. But does it really matter where a wine is produced? Do you pay attention to the waiter when he tells you about the region  (and sometimes the hillside when you come up against one of the more pretentious waiting staff) where your choice of wine was produced? Wine Maps educates the wine connoisseur, as well as the casual consumer, about all the major wine producing areas around the world and you can keep it in your pocket on your iOS for quick reference.
Wine Maps is a simple app for the iPhone, iPad Touch and iPad which puts maps of all the world's major wine producing regions in your pocket. Pick one of the ten regions and it will provide you with a map with all of that country's wine regions clearly marked. Each map is zoomable as well as being labeled with all the major cities and rivers in the area. Wine Maps is handy for using at a wine tasting or while you are traveling and the regions it covers currently include France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Chile, New...