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An easier, quicker and cheaper way to get a better currency exchange rate overseas

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Winngie is a social platform for travelers, foreign students, expats, business people, and ... More

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Published 21 May 2020

With more and more people living and working in other countries these days the problem of sending cross border international payments from one country to the next is fraught with difficulties. With the world seemingly getting smaller and smaller, you'd think that the banking system would have accommodated the 'digital nomads' as they've been called. To a certain extent they have. Companies like PayPal, Western Union and the banks themselves provide a good service but their exchange rates, commissions and hidden fees can work out extremely expensive and there is often a few days delay before everything is finalised and before the money reaches its destination.

However, now there's an easier, quicker and cheaper way to do it. Winngie is a new peer-to-peer money exchange social platform for Android and Web that provides a simple way for travelers, foreign students, expats, business people and anyone else traveling internationally to get better value for money when exchanging money overseas. Rather than having to deal with banks and money transfer services, Winngie helps you transfer money to other countries and lets you exchange local money by connecting you with real people who don't charge hidden fees, commissions and offer true currency conversion. You decide the exchange rate you are looking for and then find the Winngie connected person who can accommodate that for you. 

Sounds pretty radical, doesn't it? So, how does it work, you ask? First up you're going to need to sign up...