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Published 21 May 2020

[cont'd] If you are overseas yourself, all you have to do is to post the currency and the exchange amount before checking the map to see who is available near you or in your city. When you've found the right person you can message them, negotiate a price and meet up at a safe and convenient public location to perform the exchange. No waiting for banks or currency exchanges to open, no commissions or fees and the money is in your pocket. What could be better?

If you need to pay for something in another country or need to get some money to your son or daughter who is stuck in Prague or some other far flung place then Winngie makes that simple too. Just post the amount of money you'd like to transfer abroad before selecting a country and sending out a money transfer request to your match. Once you've negotiated you can send your money to a friend or a family member in your destination country and they can meet up with your match to swap the money. 

Winngie connects people with currency needs, cuts out the middleman and drastically reduces the associated costs of exchanging money. It works with all currencies including crypto-currencies and frees you from the opening hours and waiting times of banks and currency exchangers. Winngie lets you solve your currency dilemmas anywhere you are, any time of day or night and 365 days per year.  You can...