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Published 21 May 2020

[cont'd] be backpacking through the hills of Thailand, studying in Berlin, working remotely in Kentucky, on holiday in Sydney or simply lounging on your sofa at home.

The Winngie partnership people may well be regular folks just like yourself. However, they could also be people who work in supermarkets, shops, Airbnb check ins or just students. Winngie has checked and verified their accounts using phone numbers and passports. You can do your own research too, if you like, by checking their Winngie reviews, Facebook or Instagram pages to see that they are the real deal. It's recommended that the exchange takes place in a public place like a coffee shop or a bank. If you are happy with the exchange you can leave a review yourself. If you are looking for a better return on your currency exchange then WInngie sounds like the way to go. It is available now for free download at Google Play or via the website.