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Published 6 Oct 2011

With constant changes in the Facebook format it seems to get harder and harder to be able to tell the wood from the trees. There is now so much information coming from your friends and pages that it might be better if you could find a way to polarize the information you receive. Wisdom is a free Facebook organize tool for iPhone and iPad that does all the organizing of the feeds to make your social networking site easier to digest. Rather than the hours it can take to go through all the feeds coming at you Wisdom will give you valuable insights immediately about your Facebook friends.
With the average Facebook user receiving over 12,000 updates every month it could be considered a bit of a chore to go through everything that's out there. Wisdom ensures that you miss none of your important friends' feeds but still manages to find and prioritize the most interesting posts and discussions fast. With Wisdom you get exactly the information you want, anytime, anywhere. And the more you interact and socialize with your friends on Facebook the more information you get back. What's popular, who’s happy, who’s available, and more! Quickly see the posts creating the most buzz in your network and be on top of all the latest news. Find out who’s on vacation, or moving to a new city, getting engaged, or having kids. Wisdom splits interests by age, gender, and relationship status to help you relate...