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Published 1 Dec 2021

When we start up a new digital business there is always the hope, of course, that it will be successful. Some of us may even dream that it will be so successful that, in the not too distant future, we can be competing with others for a place on the Fortune 500 list. That could be some way off yet but, you know what they say, from little things, big things grow. If we want to put ourselves in the running then, the first thing we need to get right is our organizational skills. The big successful companies spend a small fortune on getting the basics right so that the flow of work runs easily and everyone knows what is going on. Now there's the chance for smaller companies to compete on a level playing ground with this new project management and communication app for business that puts everything you need under one roof.

Wise Dimes is an excellent all-In-one business app that lets you organize your team, delegate projects, assign tasks, liaise with clients and communicate with your team using private chat to give you the best possible chance of making it big. It gives you total control of your business from beginning to end whether you are simply writing a blog or aiming a lot higher. What's more, it's perfect for remote working as you can communicate with your team from wherever you or they are in the world. 

This app delivers a workspace that gives you total control and a complete overview of your workflow. It starts at building your team and ends when the project is completed and your getting paid but covers pretty much everything in between. You'll see exactly how your team's projects are faring, what's completed and what needs more attention with everything from pie charts to line graphs so you'll always be able to see the big picture. You can create new projects for your team, create priorities, budgets and deadlines and assign jobs to specific team members.  Clients can be kept up to date on projects with easy sharing so jobs always run smoothly and on time. 

With Wise Dimes you'll always know how you are progressing with a project and you'll see straight away what else needs to be done, right down to the smallest detail. Your team's bug reports and comments will all be there in front of you. Attach and share files and create milestones so that everyone one knows exactly where they are at and can easily see the progress of a project. 

Wise Dimes is a unique and all-encompassing organizational app for business that gives your small, digital company the very best possible chance to grow. It may not guarantee you a place at the table with the likes of Musk and Bezos just yet but it will certainly give you a better chance than most. If you think Wise Dimes is the thing that will help your company takes the next big step you can start for free. However, if you are ready to subscribe to one of the paid plans you can use the code 'Wise20' to get 20% off the regular subscription price.

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