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Create the biggest wish list and you'll never get socks and undies as gifts ever again

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Add any and every wish you want to a free personalized WishLink. Share with family and friends, ... More

Editor's review

Published 2 Oct 2019

Buying gifts for people these days is getting harder and harder. Gone are the days when you could simply nip down to the shopping center to pick up a birthday present and buy with confidence. Unless we are totally tuned in to our family and friends there's a pretty good chance we will buy the wrong garment, the wrong shade of eye shadow or the wrong Jo Nesbo novel. There are so many choices out there and we are such long-term consumers that it's never been quite as difficult to buy the exact perfect present as it is these days.

What would really help would be some kind of a gift register like the ones they have for weddings where people could nominate a personalized wish list of gifts that they could share with family and friends. There are plenty of them around, I hear you say, but most of them tend to center around one store or one shopping center. What's really needed is a wish list that would cover pretty much everything - whether it be a box of chocolates, an overseas vacation, the right Jo Nesbo book or a new car. Luckily enough, one that does exactly that has just come onto the app market. Wishfinity is a new app for iOS and Android that gives you a personalized wish list where you can add any and every gift wish you can imagine and share it with your family and friends so you'll never give or receive a 'not quite right' present ever again. 

Wishfinity puts all your wishes in the one place by letting you create a comprehensive wish list of all your favorite brands that can be shared with family and friends so you'll never purchase the wrong gift ever again. Ask friends and family to join you and create their own wish lists and you'll all be exchanging perfect gifts in no time with no more guesswork involved and no unwanted presents. And, rather than hunting through multiple wish lists from numerous retailers, Wishfinity puts all of them under one roof - making them easier to sort through and easier to shop. If you have wishes that you're not comfortable with sharing with the wider public, then you can simply keep them private. 

You can search for products and create wish lists of items from all your favorite stores using any letter of the alphabet you can think of. This includes American Eagle, DKNY, Etsy, IKEA, Puma, Swarovski and Zara (and everything inbetween.) You can share your lists via text, SMS, apps, email, google+, Skype and all of your regular social media portals. You're not limited to regular websites either as you can add wishes from almost any webpage or even from a photo, if you like. However, just to make life easier, you can simply type in whatever you want. The bottom line is: If you can think of it, you can add it to your personalized WishLink. 

It really doesn't matter which occasion it is. It could be a birthday, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Diwali, Christmas or maybe you just want to reward a child for a good school performance. Wishfinity makes it simple to give them a gift that they'll really appreciate from their universal wish list. Make sure that all your family and friends join up and list all of their own gift wishes and there'll never be the obligatory socks and undies from Aunty Mary when you rip open the packaging ever again. Wishfinity is the sensible gift registry that saves money on unwanted gifts and is a lot of fun too. It's available now for free for iPhone, iPad and Android at the App Store and on Google Play. 

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