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Create the biggest wish list and you'll never get socks and undies as gifts ever again

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Published 2 Oct 2019

[cont'd] give or receive a 'not quite right' present ever again. 

Wishfinity puts all your wishes in the one place by letting you create a comprehensive wish list of all your favorite brands that can be shared with family and friends so you'll never purchase the wrong gift ever again. Ask friends and family to join you and create their own wish lists and you'll all be exchanging perfect gifts in no time with no more guesswork involved and no unwanted presents. And, rather than hunting through multiple wish lists from numerous retailers, Wishfinity puts all of them under one roof - making them easier to sort through and easier to shop. If you have wishes that you're not comfortable with sharing with the wider public, then you can simply keep them private. 

You can search for products and create wish lists of items from all your favorite stores using any letter of the alphabet you can think of. This includes American Eagle, DKNY, Etsy, IKEA, Puma, Swarovski and Zara (and everything inbetween.) You can share your lists via text, SMS, apps, email, google+, Skype and all of your regular social media portals. You're not limited to regular websites either as you can add wishes from almost any webpage or even from a photo, if you like. However, just to make life easier, you can simply type in whatever you want. The bottom line is: If you can think of it, you can add...