Developer description

Wiwitness provides system, strategy and tools to instill confidence in visitors about your website.

Automated verifiable testimonial collection process.
Control where, how and what testimonials will be displayed on your website.

The 4-step Strategy provides the building blocks that make your website reputation management elementory.

1. Collect

Get verifiable testimonials quickly, easily, painlessly and systematically.
2. Manage

Set priorities for the testimonials and choose which testimonials need to be displayed.
3. Display

Show the testimonials to instantly grab attention and in the most-effective proven way for maximum return.
4. Conversion

Use testimonials to convert leads into sales. Enable prospects to verify testimonials in real time and make them want to buy from you.
And also

¤ Use advanced RWD technology and testimonials to get on 1st page of search engine results which attract new leads.

¤ Make testimonials go 'viral' on social media.

Widgets to collect and display verifiable testimonials of your choice on your website.
Dashboard to manage your testimonials, widgets and business pages.
Responsive business landing page to attract search engines and send pre sold customers to your website.
Guides and support to leverage testimonials to grow your business.

Last updated 7 Aug 2013