Developer description

Want a multi-functional app that includes alarms, timer, stopwatch and clock in a single package? Then Wobble is the ideal choice for you. With the dynamic design and multi-variant features, you can make personalize Wobble as you like.

Cool features that you'd like to know about:
- Never worry about waking up late. Wobble checks if you're awake, even if you dismiss the alarm and sleep.
- Limit snoozing to avoid oversleeping.
- Create your own voice message and wake up to that.
- Customize your list of songs and play it shuffled as the alarm tone.
- Get quarterly voice updates on the timer as well as the stopwatch, so you don't have to look at the screen repeatedly.
- Enjoy the retro chronometer and timer with both hour and seconds hand.

There's a lot more Wobble offers you. Install it now!

Last updated 28 Nov 2018

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