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Wollage is a social-network made up of scrapbooks.

Each scrapbook is filled with collages, ... More

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Published 10 Apr 2012

Scrapbooking was huge during the nineties if I remember rightly but i guess it got rather swallowed up by the social networking phenomena over recent years. Wollage re-activates the scrapbooking theme and brings it up to date with the new century technology by turning it social. Rather than painstakingly sticking photos, precious memories and a myriad of other stuff into your scrapbook and then filing it under the stairs for viewing later by a select few, Wollage brings your collective memories into a social setting by allowing you to create your scrapbook online and then sharing it with friends and family.
Wollage is a fun and free social-network that encourages you to unleash your creativity and share your photos and memories with friends and family. It's a social network application that is made up of scrapbooks. Each scrapbook is filled with beautiful collages which are the pages of the scrapbook. There are individual user scrapbooks and group scrapbooks, called "collections." Collections are made-up of pages linked from individual scrapbooks with the intention of bringing together memories of a shared experience. Your scrapbook is uniquely made-up of your ideas, snips, web scraps, photos, and w/e else you can come up with all "smashed" together into a collage. There are also a number of useful tools that come with Wollage are image cropping (including a very useful freehand tool,) image suggestions, page and photo comments, a free-hand drawing tool and total connectivity with your friends and family. If you...