Developer description

This application is about sharing content. You cannot gamble through the application. Also we do not accept any links or ways that may force other users to gamble through the application.

You can find the best bets to place with live updates from other users. Some of you may be experts. Some of you are struggling. You are all welcomed to join our community. Our main goal is to be able to help one each other. If you feel you want to find out more about betting. Or you just want to get ideas on what to bet tonight then this is the application you are looking for.

Feel free to follow other people in the app. Meet them. Chat with them. See their posts. Find what they are planning to bet and why not bet the same yourself. This is some list of features we provide.

- Follow Users
- Post bets
- Find bets
- Post images and videos
- Chat with other users
- Share your ideas
- Get inspired
- Yeah. Why not? Make some money?

Last updated 21 May 2019

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