Developer description

Why can’t notes & lists apps be professional and pretty? Taking notes, making lists, doing basic accounts can feel mundane at times so why not spice it up with colors, pictures and more. With Wondr Note we wanted a notes app with a twist and we added a few little perks and features to make it all the more exciting.

We thought, “Hey what else could we want in an app like this?” Countdowns! Categories! Mood boards! Awesome, now it felt more full. We wanted the user experience to feel like this: You open a notebook and it spews out all kinds of tech and tools in rainbow colors! Haha. And we will constantly keep trying to achieve that.

From poems to shopping lists to travel expenses. Plan/add errands and tasks to your day. Countdown to a big event or build an inspiration board for your next project. Keep your notes, lists, boards & accounts here. We keep it simple, clean & pretty.

All Features:


☆ Notes
☆ Lists with options for checklist, numbering & bullets
☆ Basic accounts
☆ Boards of images with description
☆ Day countdown

Add daily agenda

☆ Add items from lists & notes into current day's agenda
☆ Add new items to current day's agenda

Themes & customization

☆ Choose from over 20 themes free and 20+ more premium
☆ Beautifully themed throughout the app according to your selection
☆ Add color your notes, lists & more
☆ Add a feature image to your notes & lists

Other features

☆ Drag & drop features to manually organize your notes, lists & more
☆ Categorize all items & easily search for them
☆ Pick list or grid view

Privacy Policy

☆ You own all your data
☆ Your data is stored in the internal storage of your device inaccessible by other applications
☆ We do not collect or store any personal data like email, name, images in our servers
☆ We do collect crash & usage data to improve our app

Last updated 19 Feb 2021

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