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-Inconsistent visits to the gym
-Trackers are cool but the novelty has worn off
-Committed to a Workout routine, but you get sick, go on vacation, get busy with life and the routine gets thrown out of rhythm
-Buying stuff like clothes, protein shakes, supplements, equipment for motivation..

ME! I mean YOU! Half the battle of getting the results you want from your fitness routine is just getting up and going consistently. Other fitness apps rely on your individual motivations to get you there, but WonUpFit uses your friend by putting you into a 1-on-1 competition to see who is more motivated. This way when you don't feel like working out, the potential of falling behind in a competition with your friend will get you moving again.

The setup is simple:
1- Get credit for your workout by sending a photo to your friend by clicking Start Workout
2- When your friend receives a notification they can Accept or Reject it
3- If they Accept, it counts for that day (Max 1 workout per day), if they Reject you can send another one, if they do nothing it will automatically count in 24 hours.

That's it! Find a friend with the same description (90%+ of them) and challenge them!

Last updated 30 Jul 2015

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