Developer description

Woozy is a brand new drinking game app that allows you to play both offline and online with your friends, regardless of where you are. Now your friends that’s being late for your party doesn’t have to miss out on the fun, as they can join your custom game lobby while they are riding in their uber or getting dressed for a night out. It has never been easier to host a party, and there’s so many possibilities in-game!

Hosting a game online is simply two clicks away, provide us with a display name and we’ll give you an unique game PIN that you can share with your friends so they can join your game as well. If you somehow managed to share it with the wrong people, don’t you worry - being the host allows you to remove specific players from the lobby. After everyone has joined, you can choose between eight popular drinking games. Now you and your friends can play in real-time with each other!

Also, if some of your friends doesn’t have an iPhone - you can also play using one device, which also works perfectly! It eliminates the use of cards and board games, which makes it easier to manage and of course less messy when your party or pre game is over. Download and give us a try, here is the games that we offer:

* Blackjack
* Up or down
* Never have I ever
* Heads or tails
* Ring of fire
* Who in the room
* Category roulette
* Spin the bottle

The app is currently available in both English and Norwegian, and soon more languages as well.

Last updated 14 Aug 2017

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