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A new word game for the modern age

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For crossword fans that need a challenge…Word Addiction’s unique features make playing ... More

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Published 25 Jul 2020

Word games have been around for a very long time to amuse and educate us. The first crossword puzzle, for example, was first invented by a journalist named Arthur Wynne and appeared in the New York World newspaper way back in 1913. Since then, various word games have reigned supreme as a staple of every newspaper and magazine and have only really been challenged in the brain teaser field in the last few years by the likes of Sudoku, KenKen and a whole bunch of smartphone games. However, if you want to improve your vocabulary skills and knowledge of words, there's nothing quite like a good old word game to stimulate the mind. Having said that' they haven't really changed format too much over the years and probably could do with a bit of a facelift to keep them relevant to the modern world. 

Word Addiction is a new game for iOS and Android that serves very nicely as that facelift. So, what makes it so different from the word games that we know and love. Well, while it resembles your typical word game some have called it as more like a cross between scrabble and chess and its unique set of features make it very addictive. For a start, unlike traditional word games, you have access to all the letters right from the very start as well as all the way through the game. What's more, you can be strategic and create random bridges that...