Developer description

A combination of Tetris, Candy Crush, Scabble... Can you imagine :) Yes, this is a completely different word game where you will be exited while letters fall and start to fill the screen. If you are good at all the games listed above, than you might be the one who will get the best score in this game. You can play it offline without requiring internet connectivity.

* An extraordinary word game where you both need to think and be quick.
* Letters falling one by one and you should not let them fill the screen.
* To achieve this, you must form words to crush the letters.
* You will get more points and even bonuses with longer words.
* Your level increases as you gather more points and letters fall faster.
* Exiting animations that you won't expect from a word game:)
* You can even play multiplayer, where each player saw the same board and need to be faster than other side.
* It is both available for iOS and Android. Possible to play online from Android to iOS or vice versa.
* Compete players all over the world with online ranking tables.
* No special permissions required.
* You can play single player mode offline. No internet connectivity required!
* Check it if you are looking for something different!

Last updated 9 Oct 2015