Developer description

Take some time to relax while strengthening your brain at the same time with Word Hunt, a word search puzzle game that includes thousands of words for you to find. Enjoy an unlimited number of automatically generated levels with the colourful easy to use interface.

Swipe up, down, sideways, and diagonally to discover all the words in each level. It’s a fun way to improve your vocabulary, spelling, and puzzle solving skills. As you earn points with each level you finish, you can use those points to reveal words you can’t find, highlight certain letters, remove unessential letters, and skip levels.

Each level also includes a mystery word that’s not shown to you, but gives you just one letter as a clue.

You can sit back and enjoy a relaxing game, or try to beat your best time and get better and faster with each level you pass. This game is perfect for players of all ages, who like to have fun while keeping their brains in good shape. Play while you’re riding on the train or bus, while sitting at home during a night in, or anytime you want to tune out the world and just enjoy yourself for awhile.

Last updated 8 Dec 2017

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