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Are you a spelling samurai? Sharpen your sword and test your Sensei skills across four cities ... More

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Published 7 May 2014

I really don't wanna appear to be some crazed grammar and spelling freak here but, I have to admit, there's little that get's my goat up more than poor spelling and grammar on the Internet. I'm sure we've all seen memes on our Facebook feed begging people to acknowledge the difference between there, their and they're. That’s just the half of it. The thing is, standards in spelling have dropped over the years - probably because of a change in scholastic emphasis and, let's face it, bad Internet habits. Many would rather play a mindless online game than spend some time online improving their spelling ability. So, when a fun yet educational game like Word Ninja comes along it's worth paying attention. This Android game for kids (and some adults that i know) turns a dull spelling session into a cut and thrust, exciting game.
If you want to smarten up your spelling skills while still having the excitement of a cut and thrust game then Word Ninja could well be the thing to drag you out of Candy Crush Saga and into the real world. If you consider yourself a bit of a spelling whizkid, Word Ninja can turn you into a spelling samurai. It aims to sharpen your word sword by testing your spelling skills across four unique stages - with twelve levels per stage - before you can become the number one Word Ninja. The goal of the game is a...