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The pinnacle of word search games built by David L. Hoyt

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Word Search has never been more fun! Word Search has never been more exciting! This is David L. ... More

Editor's review

Published 21 Nov 2016

If you're into word search games you might well have heard David L. Hoyt's name before. In case you aren't aware, he is the legendary game designer known as 'the man who puzzles America.' David is responsible for games like Jumble, Word Roundup, Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters, Just 2 Words, Word Winder and Boggle BrainBusters among others and he is the most syndicated daily game creator on the planet.

His totally original games have appeared in over 650 newspapers around the world including the prestigious newspapers USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The New York Daily News and The LA Times. David specializes in word search games and this week he releases a new game onto the app world.

Word Roundup Stampede is his latest handcrafted masterpiece. This new free game for iOS and Android has hundreds of fun and challenging word search puzzles with each being a true original. Unlike many similar games, Word Roundup is unique in that there is no word list to refer to so you'll have to discover David's words all by yourself. There's a new 'Daily Challenge' every day and you can either play alone for fun and to stimulate your brain or you can choose to play against friends in two-player mode using local wi-fi for extra excitement.

As I said, each of Hoyt's puzzle games are unique. You won't find boring lists of words in his games because each one is entirely handcrafted by the man himself. He thinks up all the words and puts them in a 7 x 7 puzzle letter grid. Use every letter square in the grid to win big and the middle square is a 'wild card' that can be any letter. What's more, the special 'Hoyt Hint' words will score you extra points . You can even set up the game so that it 'speaks' your answers and narrates the action for extra fun. The bottom line is that Word Roundup Stampede is simple, entertaining, compelling and totally addictive for lovers of word search games.

Word Roundup Stampede was developed in conjunction with the leading online games developer Adveractive games. They have been developing online puzzle games for tablets and mobiles since 1995. Hoyt's first game was Word Roundup back in 2006 and millions of fans have loved trying to solve his brilliant conundrums in USA Today in print and online ever since. It doesn't matter which device you have - Android, iOS or Amazon etc - you can still all play together. Word Roundup is available now for all formats for free from the relevant App Store.

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