Developer description

Word Search by Bring is a very cool variant of the classic word search game. It's designed for simplicity, with no splash screens, start menu or full screen ads at the beginning of the game. It's as simple as opening the app and start finding those words. The game features:

* Unique and unlimited puzzles: Every time you start a new game the app will randomly create a new grid with different words and positions, making each game unique and with thousands of millions of possibilities

* Leaderboards & Achievements: Join the community by completing the puzzles. Those who solve them faster will lead the day, week or all times. Unlock achievements and earn Google Play Services points.

* Different grid sizes and dictionaries: Change the size of the grid from 7×7 up to 12×12 to make it more challenging. You can also set up different dictionaries in +20 languages and more categories.

* Play anytime, come back and continue: The game will automatically save your progress if you leave the app, get a phone call, or just need to answer that SMS which just arrived. When you come back to the game you will continue exactly where you left over. Ideal to play anytime, even if you only have 1 minute.

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Last updated 23 Jul 2016