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A relaxed new word game to improved your English language skills

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Word Smart is a unique and untimed word game that will entertain you through missions and levels ... More

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Published 25 Nov 2015

In a recent study, it was found that an astonishing 1.2 billion people are part of the worldwide gaming community with around 700 million playing games online. To cater for these game-aholics, there are a whole heap of wannabe games released every week for your mobile or tablet. Most of them are little more than addictive time wasters that while away a few minutes on your commute to and from work or keep you amused as you lay on the couch in the evening. Sadly, most don't teach you a great deal apart from maybe increasing your reaction time in a pressure situation. But word games are slightly different. If they are good, they not only keep you amused but also have the ability to increase your vocabulary as well as your spelling ability.

Word Smart is a unique English language word game that will appeal to anyone who loves to play games like Scrabble, Boggle, Words With Friends, Ruzzle or AlphaBetty Saga. However, unlike many online word games, this one offers little pressure to the players as there are no time limits on making moves and finding words. The game is designed to be a relaxing and contemplative one rather than a 'wham bam thank you ma'am' kinda game and can be played whenever and wherever you like. This is particularly helpful for older players and people who are learning English as a second language as they can take their time to pick and choose words carefully while they increase their English language and spelling skills.

If you are a lover of word games, you'll find Word Smart a very entertaining one as you try to complete the eight missions with their multiple levels - all of which will challenge your use of the English vocabulary. Each level gradually increases in difficulty and, with the mix of two different level modes, it’s the perfect way to pass a bit of time while enhancing your English skills.

First up, there's a Word Building mode where you can build as many words as required when given a randomized set of letter tiles. Secondly, there's the Puzzle mode where you are presented with puzzle cards that contain clues and a set of letter tiles to help you find the answer to the puzzle. There is an expert difficulty level that is provided for anyone who feels the need for a harder challenge but this can only be unlocked once you have done with the normal level in each particular mission. But don't worry, you can always replay any level you have unlocked if you want to continue to train your skills in English vocabulary.

If you are feeling competitive you can log into your Google Play account and check your scores against your friends using the Google Leaderboard. The game itself is free but there's a one-time Premium Pack purchase that will unlock 4 missions and remove the ads. It will work on any of your Android devices using the same Google account and profile. Visually, the app is very pleasing with a warm and homely feel to it. It's also very easy to navigate your way around. Word Smart was developed by the independent developer JLSoft and they've done a splendid job in building this very user-friendly word game that will provide hours of fun as well as improving your English language and spelling skills.

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