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This is the game that everyone's talking about. It's not just another word scramble game.
Tens of thousands of puzzles provide hours of enjoyment while exercising your brain! The Android version of the popular on-line word game has arrived! Make as many words as you can from the letters in the puzzle. Word Urge™ is fun to play alone or with partners and great for learning SCRABBLE® words. If you like anagrams you will love Word Urge™.
Bored with frustrating games with limited vocabulary? Word Urge features the most complete word list in this category.
* Over 35,000 puzzles with 5, 6, and 7 letters provide nearly unlimited play.
* Word Urge™ contains all words from the "Second Official Tournament and Club Word List", used in Scrabble® tournaments throughout North America.
* Earn rewards for advancing to the next round. How many rewards can you win?
* Track your personal score as well as partner and team scores.
* Three skill levels:
1. Basic - challenging for most players
2. Advanced - a mix of basic and advanced words from the arts, sciences, and industry
3. Expert - All words used by competitive SCRABBLE® players in North America.
* Timed and untimed option
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Last updated 3 Oct 2012