Developer description

Word Wizards Duel is a word-fantasy game, where the power of words lead you to victory. You enter a magical land where wizards, mages and scary statues challenge you to a word - duel.

You can also duel with your friends, siblings and parents using Online Multiplayer or LAN/Bluetooth .

What is a word duel?
It is a duel where the person who makes rare words faster wins. It combines best essence of scrabble and fantasy. You can use spells too in the midst of a duel.

What kind of spells are there?
Spells like health boost, shield of protection, freeze blasts etc make this the best word game experience.

Can I word-duel with my friends and family?
ABSOLUTELY YES!!!!! You can (in-fact we encourage you to) duel with your friends , your siblings, your parents, your kids if you have any, your aunts and uncles, your grandparents and even that kid across that street that you barely know.

How can I duel them?

There are two ways to start a Multiplayer duel.

1. You can duel with your friends using online play. Here you host a duel and get a duel code. You friend can then join the duel entering the duel code. You can also challenge other online players for a word duel by using the quick game option.

You can also see where you rank among the rest of the word wizards in the entire planet.

2. You can use LAN/Bluetooth to duel them if they are near you and connected to same Wi-fi network and also have this app installed.

So embark on this fun, educational and challenging journey of Word-Wizards-Duel.
You will love it!!

To summarize:
• Word game: Make words to duel with other wizards. The rarer the word, more powerful it is.
• Puzzles : Answer interesting puzzles to move ahead in your adventure
• Multiplayer : Play with your family and friends. Challenge them to a word duel!
• Fantasy : Embark on a magical journey dueling powerful wizards, strange creatures
• Spells: Learn powerful and fun spells that will aid you in your duels
• Adventure: Clear all single player levels and be crowned as the best word wizard in the land of Alphabetia!

Last updated 16 Dec 2019