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This addicting word search puzzle will always give you a new challenge and keep your brains busy for many hours! The challenge is to search & find as many English words as you possible can from the scrambled letter grid within the two-minute time limit. Select the letters with easy swipe gesture, find all the hidden words from the grid to score points and gain achievement stars! After finding a word, the corresponding letter tiles are replaced with new ones so the grid changes constantly during the game. You can also use free hints or replace the whole grid if you can't find any words.
This word game also includes a casual free game - mode where you can search words from three different sized scrambled boards without the time limit. The game board is saved automatically so you can continue the word game session later on right from the state you left it. You can play quick word puzzles with your tablet or phone anywhere!
New! You get five free hints as a daily reward that you can use freely during each day! The hints highlights the letters of a scrambled word letter by letter so you get a daily boost to your current free game play.
★ Addicting word search game with time limit and free modes
★ Huge dictionary of English words
★ Free daily hints to help word searching
★ Unlimited number of scrambled letter grids
★ Smooth animations and game play
★ Word search with easy swipe gesture
Love solving word puzzles? Give a fun challenge to your brains! Let the word search begin!

Last updated 30 May 2015

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