Developer description

Become a word genius - Search, find and crush all the hidden words in this addictive epic of word puzzle games. It starts out easy, but gets challenging quickly.

Guess the word and slide the letters. Solve all words in the grid to clear the puzzle.

A fun way to train your brain, improve concentration and build vocabulary.

Only the true Word Genius can make it to the very end!

- 22 chapters with over 370 addictive puzzles.
- Starts out simple, but gets challenging as you progress.
- Fun way to exercise your brain.
- Train your concentration and logic skills.
- Improve your vocabulary.
- Easy to get hooked and lose passage of time.

Sometimes, the puzzle may seem impossible to solve - this is not a bug! All puzzles can be solved, the trick is to solve the words in correct order.

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Last updated 9 Jan 2017

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