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A fully portable autism aid for when you are on the go

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Published 6 Mar 2014

[cont'd] codes. This, of course, is all very well when you are in the comfort of your own home but it’s not quite so easy when you are traveling or on-the-go. Words in Pictures is a companion or a daily helper that uses your mobile phone or tablet to let you to carry a portable version of cards that link the image and the concept and can be quickly and easily shown to the child. The cards work as the "words" of visual communication and it's simple to search, build messages or quickly plan their day on the agenda. The app sets a gradual path in the communication exchange, which starts from the adult and is oriented to the child. The emphasis is put on the sharing of meaning with the autistic person encouraged to have an "outgoing" active involvement. Perfect for use at school, at home, as part of therapy and when on the move, Words in Pictures offers the convenience of portability for parents as well as appealing, easy to grasp graphics for the child.
The original version Of Words in Pictures - known as Immaginario - was a huge success in its native Italy with over 13,000 downloads and a 5-star rating on iTunes, not to mention winning many awards. It is now available in 5 different languages and available to many more children around the world. This excellent and groundbreaking app aims to give your contribution - via app purchase or donation - to the growth...