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A fully portable autism aid for when you are on the go

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Published 6 Mar 2014

[cont'd] of the project and help to extend the app to families who have access to cheaper and more prevalent Android devices. As for the app itself, it's quick and easy to use, looks great and it's obvious that it was put together by people who are very close to the subject. While it is filled with useful features however, it's pure brilliance lies in with it's simplicity and never veers away from its core activity - getting fast, reliable and high quality communication for the autism sufferer to comprehend and engage with the world. Finally, even if you have no use for it, we do ask you to share details of the app with your friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter or
write about them on your blog, on forums, mailing lists or groups. If you are a member of an association or a club, you can suggest to become an official sponsor of the project and your logo will be promoted on the website and app