Developer description

An all-in-one ERP System perfect for your business.

WorkBook is a first-class system for project and resource planning, which creates a great overview and ensures optimised utilisation of resources.
Easy budgeting and follow-up on spendings as well as simple and easy invoicing.
Digital voucher-handling, time and expenses registration ensures a punctual and true and fair billing basis.
Full email and document handling as well as integration to Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange.
Complete finance module that supports all processes in a project organisation. But also a possibility to integrate to Microsoft Dynamics.
Strong management reporting that creates overview and insight.
A web-based solution that can be accessed from all browsers without compromising the feeling of a ”real” system.
Time-registration via iPhone, Windows Mobile and other smartphones.
Dashboard with a built-in possibility to use the system as intranet and blog make the system a natural ”rallying point” for official as well as unofficial communication.
Economically manageable: The system is rented, there are no need for huge investments, you only pay for the needed modules and user-licenses, a short contractual binding period with quick start-up.

Last updated 23 May 2011

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