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WORKetc is a single software solution to run your entire business.
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Published 28 Jun 2011

WORKetc does it all… online project management, CRM, billing and more.

WORKetc is a business management software that is affordable, simple to use - and it's easy to sign up too!  When you go to the signup page you sign up for a 14 day trial by entering just a few details.  One note about the signup process... If you sign up from the main page, it will ask for a 'Partner Code' and the box has a required symbol next to it.  If no one referred you, you can leave it blank and still sign up – so it’s not actually required.  Small annoyance, and actually the only problem I've seen with the site.

After signup you will receive an email with your user name and password (I got my email instantly!) with a link for your company’s page. 

When you log in for the first time the Getting Started Wizard runs you through setting some of your details - stuff like business address and other details, adding your company logo, adding other users (you can add up to 100 employees), setting user permissions, as well as a link to download a Getting Started PDF manual.  You can always skip the Wizard, since you can access these settings from your Dashboard on the Settings tab.  You can also reopen the Wizard at any time from the dropdown on the Dashboard tab.


This site has a very simple, easy to understand...